OUR MTN DATA REQUEST DOESN’T support the following

1. Agent SIM
2. Merchant SIM
4. Turbonet SIMS
5. Broadband SIMS
6. Blacklisted SIM
7. Roaming SIM
8. Company/Group Sim
9. Different network
10. Wrong Number

Any data transferred to the above SIMs get burned and it won’t be delivered neither can it be reversed.



  1. Data delivery is not instant and it can take 2 hours or more to receive it
  2. Do not advertise our products on social media. When found, your account will be deleted. Only share with friends and family.
  3. Do not pay for an order and call the telcos for reversal. The account will be deleted without delay.
  4. Do not charge any other agent more than GHc 30 for the approval fee when they register through the link. If you’re reported, your account will be deleted.
  5. Do not create groups and use our premium membership packages to lure members to join our site.
  6. If you are consistently active on our site for 3 months, you’ll qualify for our premium membership packages. We use this to determine your loyalty. Loyalty is defined as regularly placing your orders and also bringing other agents to subscribe to our site.
  7. Do not space your numbers, add +233 when placing your orders. If you do that, your order will be complete but the client will not receive the order and you’ll lose money.
  8. Always resolve all orders with issues on the same day. Do not wait for the next day.
  9. Notify the admin to cancel your order within 5 minutes when you notice an error. You’ll lose money if the above time elapsed.
  10. We do not accept orders for MTN with the under-listed numbers. i) Turbonet SIMs ii) Broadband SIMs iii) Agent SIMs iv) Merchant SIMs v) Blacklisted SIMs
  11. If you want to introduce our site to friends, send them the registration link to register.
  12. Agent Membership subscription fee is not refundable after you agent account is activated
  13. We start work at 8am every day for MTN. Closure for MTN is 9 pm everyday
  14. We have the right to suspend or deactivate your account if you violate our terms and condition


Take  note of the following When you place an order,

a). Do not add +233 to the number or do not type less ore more digits of the beneficiary number. Your order will be completed but your client will not receive it and you’ll lose money. +233242534722

b). Do not space your numbers. Your order will be completed but will not be received and you’ll lose money. 024 2534 721 ❌

c). Do not type less or more than 10 digits of the numbers? Your order will be completed but will not be received. You’ll lose money. 024253473 ❌ or 02425347212 ❌ Contact admins to cancel such orders with these errors within 5 minutes. The correct form is 0242534722 ✅.
Thank you.